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  • Hello everyone

    has anyone removed the drive shaft yet? I'm interested in knowing the tool required, torques, and if any of the nuts are reverse thread.?

    Why do you ask?

    1-to mount a fat 240 rear tire/wheel

    2-possibly paint black chrome


  • Hi David,

    most likely nobody here has removed the driveshaft from the gearbox and gearbox from rear wheel. Nor I think many of BMW dealers did yet.

    And to change tire or wheel you do not need to do that. Just with the width tire of your desire, I have no idea whether tires would touching the base frame….

    On the paint of the drive shaft - try it first with a marker - can be easily reversed in case of disliking.



  • Hello Christian and Frank.

    (apologies for my Google German)

    Thank you for your answers.

    I looked at a TTS rear wheel with fat spokes and they told me I had to remove the drive shaft to install the wheel. Obviously

    It is

    better if I don't have to. Thanks again and I will be in touch with RF Bike Tech.



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  • Hi David,

    i bought my wheels (200) at TTS, too. A very good company, very proffesional! I visited them in person and drink a lot of coffee there.

    When they say you have to remove it....i think they know their business.

    I think it is a matter of space in the installation process.

    bin dabei!

  • David, I also use the TTS parts for spokes 21“ an 18“. The rear tyre has 200mm format. That is the biggest dimension you can use plug and play.

    I you prefer a bigger dimension, you need a bigger rear rocker or you have to modify the existing (to expand).



  • Hi Thies,

    in my mind you can use the existing rear rocker up to 240.

    See picture 240 vs 200. Only fender is modified.

    Pic was taken of a bike in TTS-Office with my 200er next to.

    Bitte melde dich an, um diesen Anhang zu sehen.

    bin dabei!

  • I am not sure but it think the rocker has to be expanded at the beginning next to the suspension strut.

    Picture from my 200/50 R18

    Bitte melde dich an, um diesen Anhang zu sehen.

    As mentioned, I think 200 is maximum, but finally he has to ask a customer. Would recommend Hans Lang (LMC), directly TTS or Walzwerk. Both have worked with bigger dimensions on the R18.

  • Hey i write mal in german.

    Hab auf der imot bei jackys garage nachgefragt, die meinten bei 200 sei Schluss. Dann muss die Welle raus und das sei nicht so einfach.

    Es ist machbar aber den Aufwand nicht wert meinten Sie.

    Übrigens Top Laden sehr hilfsbereit und freundlich.

    Ohne natürlich Werbung zu machen. :sboy

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